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MechCorp has been released on Steam!

After months and months of work, a few years in fact, it has finally come to this. I'm so proud to announce that the little project that I've been working on is now available to the public.

It feels like finally releasing a child into the wild, after having it under your care after a long time. I can only hope it fair well in the harsh harsh world. As I'm waiting for what happen next, it's exciting and excruciating nerve wrecking at the same time. Knowing that it could fall flat on it's face. All those effort in vain. Finger crossed...

I know the work is not done. There's probably bug fixes and update that I need to work on. But it's huge weight off my shoulder. After so many rework and delay, to say that the thought of not being able to finish has never cross my mind would be a lie. But at least I won't ever have to worry about that again.

Whatever happen now, I'm going to try get some down time, play some game. Gosh I so want a holiday.

If you are interested in funding my holiday -

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