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MechCorp v1.2.0 (More Content)

Remember when I talk about taking a break from MechCorp in my last post? Well I kind of lied. I change my mind a few days after the post. In my defense, I did have 2 weeks break prior to that post. Now remember when I talk about doing a major update with MechCorp in

the last post? Well I'm here to make good of that talk. Behold, MechCorp 1.2.0, is now live on steam. Thanks for all the groundwork I've been laying down since the first release, this had taken a lot less time than I anticipated.

In this 'major' update, I have added a bunch of optional game modes. They are like the 'second wave' options in X-Com: enemies unknown, a set of rules and modifier that can be turned on to change the base game. Some of them change the game in a dramatic fashion. Just for a taste, here are some of them:

  • Red Fog: Unit will suffer attack and defend penalty in proportional to damage sustained

  • Long Voyage: Resupply between contracts has been disabled

  • High Stake: Unit destroyed in a battle cannot be salvaged

Other new additions in this update include more crew perks but I'm not going to spoil them. You will just have to play the game to discover them. And of course there are fixes and small changes here and there based on the feedback I've been given. Finally, and probably not as important as the game itself, cloud saving is now being supported.

That is all for now. The next thing in the pipeline will be Grid Defense.

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