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Spec Defense

Spec Defense is a classic, maze-based tower defense game. Your job is simple, pick your towers and strategy, build an effective maze and make sure none gets past your defense.

The levels in the game are open playing fields with multiple paths. You will need to plan your build, using the level layout to construct a maze that maximizes your towers effectiveness. The game has a non-linear tech progression between levels. You choose what to upgrade, what new tower to unlock that best fit your play style. On top of that, each type of towers serves a very different tactical purpose. An effective combination of towers is required to maximize your odds.

  • 24 open levels with adjustable difficulty and endless mode

  • plan and build mazes to maximize your firepower

  • non-linear upgrades, choose

  • 12 towers with different traits

  • use different combination of towers to build your play style

  • multiple ways to beat each level, lots of replayability

The game is current available on for pc window and Google Play for Android.

An enhanced version of the game is available on steam -

Get Grid Defense on:

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