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Tower Defense Toolkit (TDTK)

TowerDefenseToolKit (TDTK) is a an easy to use and flexible Unity game engine coding framework designed for construction of TowerDefense(TD) game. The aim of the toolkit is to allow as many variant of TD game as possible, with maximum flexibility to individual level design. It's designed with integration of custom asset in mind. Finally the toolkit is written with non-coder in mind so no coding skill is required to use it.

The WebGL demo in the link above contains example levels made with TDTK. All the content/assets used are included in the package. Each individual level in the demo are available as example scene in the package. The model used for towers and creep also available separately here.

Some notable features of TDTK:

  • Support a wide variety of gameplay mechanic with tons of customization option

  • Easy-to-use and flexible path system that gives almost unlimited design option

  • Support a variety of units roles (turret, support, spawner, etc.) for both towers and creeps

  • Plenty of stats to configure for various unit-status/effect/buff/debuff

  • Support procedural spawn generation and endless mode

  • Ability system  that supports custom player ability

  • Perk system that support building of custom tech-tree/skill-book

  • Compatible with mobile device

  • Easy integration of custom model/asset

  • No coding required (everything can be done via editors)

  • Full c# source code included  

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