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Turn based Toolkit (TBTK)

TurnBased-ToolKit (TBTK) is a an easy to use and flexible Unity game engine coding framework designed for construction of turn-based tactic game. The aim of the toolkit is to allow as many variant of turn based game as possible. It's designed with integration of custom asset in mind. The toolkit is written with non-coder in mind so no coding skill is required to use it

The WebGL demo in the link above contains example levels made with TBTK. Please note that these are only some of the possible game-rules/level setup available. All the content/assets used in the demo are included in the package. Each individual level in the demo are available as example scene in the package. The models used for towers and creep also available separately here.

Some notable features of TBTK:

  • Tons of customization option to accommodate wide variety of design.

  • Flexible grid system support both hex and square tile, can be edited manually or generated procedurally before or during runtime.

  • Flexible game logic that support customization on many aspect of the game rules, turn/round logic, unit movement/attack rules, etc.

  • Experiment with various game enchancing system like Fog-of-War, cover system.

  • Create, place or procedurally generate collectible item to enhance game play

  • Customize each unit with a huge range of stats and powerful customizable unit's ability system.

  • Ability system to add strategic depth. You can add/edit abilities for each side on the grid

  • Built in perk system, build a simple shop or a full fledged tech-tree. Each perk can be customized to provide different bonus/effect.

  • Built in AI that support multiple faction on a grid. Hotseat multiplayer is supported too.

  • Streamlined editor that make you life easier handling vast amount of customization.

  • Mobile Compatible.

  • Full C# source code included.


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