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MechCorp is my one man passion project trying to make a turn-based tactic game with a strategic layer and rogue-like element. Imagine it as a mixed of F.T.L. and X-Com, with mechs.


In MechCorp, you are a commander of a galactic mercenary outfit, working for cold hard credits. You will be given control of squadron of battle mechs and a ship with crew. You will make the decision on every aspect of the squad including squad setup, research and production, crew management and of course what to do in all the event. It's your job to make sure that the squad are in shape to handle all the challenge coming your way and more importantly, take on various paying contracts.


Key Features:

  • Manage your own mercenary squad and engage in turn-based mech combat.

  • Explore and encounter random event in randomized world, each play-through is different

  • 18 type of mechs from 3 base classes with unique class abilities.

  • Customize the mechs with different weapon and item to suite your tactical need.

  • Research techs and build your mechs and equipment to survive your adventure.

  • Manage your crew to maximize the effectiveness of your squad.

  • No second chance, each decision is permanent, destroyed unit are permanently lost.

The game is now available on steam -

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