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Grid Defense is a classic tower defense with strategy and puzzle-solving thrown in for a good mix.  It's designed to be one thing and one thing only, a straight-forward to the point tower defense experience.

The game features a non-linear tech-tree in which the player must choose the their prefer upgrade and towers to unlock. The level are designed to be puzzle like where planning ahead is a must for success. There are multiple viable strategies to complete each of them. The game also feature a load-out system where the type of tower that can be brought into a level is limited, forcing player to make strategic decision.

  • 24 maze like levels

  • non-linear upgrades

  • use different combination of towers to fit individual play style and strategic requirement

  • multiple ways to beat each level, lots of replayability

The game has been released and is current available on for pc version and Google Play for android version

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