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It has been a little more than 2 months since MechCorp is released. The game wasn't a runaway success like I anticipated, which is annoying. And the 2 or 3 negative reviews that I've got is puzzling, to say the least. At least the rest of positive reviews still make sense to me, but I do expect there's more of them... Joke aside, I'm happy about the way things have turned out. True, the sale is not what I would have called great but it could have been way worse. Besides, most people do seems to enjoy it. That's is good enough for me. Not going to lie, I braced myself for the worst case scenario before release. And trust me, the fear and anxiety that caused, you don't want to know. The first month following the release of MechCorp has been very hectic. I spent day and night fixing bugs and making changes based on the feedback I've received. Not going to lie, releasing a game is extremely stressful, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. But I'm very pleased to say that the game is now almost bug-free and a lot of better than its initial release. I still have plans for MechCorp. A major update maybe, adding in more game mode. Something like the second wave option in X-Com. But for now. I need to take a break from the project, to clear my mind. Which bring me to this, a prettified SpecDefense. I've been spending some very enjoyable time building various environment set for the levels. It's very therapeutic to see those simple models and color combination forms a pretty scene. Now that they are almost done, I've decided that I will get it on steam. I've even got the steam page ready at this point - So go on and add it to your wish-list. It will be released later this month.

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