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A New Turn-Based ToolKit (v3.0)

I will admit, it's been a while since TBTK see any major update, or any update at all for that matter. There's good reason for that. I like to think that over the many updates that I have done, it has reach a point where it's almost bug free. And I've added whatever feature I can apart from those that require a major structural overhaul.

But it's showing its age, or at least my lacking at coding year ago. Everywhere I look at it now, I find things that can be done better and more efficiently. Beside, I have some new ideas that I like to implement. Therefore I've been working on a new TBTK from scratch for the past 2-3 months. And now I like to present to you TurnBased-ToolKit 3.0.

The framework is most or less the same on the surface. However the code base is a lot more cleaner and efficient. It will be easier to maintain in the future, with room for more feature extension.

There are a few new addition or tweak to existing system. The most notable being the restructuring of the game stats. I adapt the system I've used in TDTK in this new version. All units/abilities has a base stats block contain all the actual stats of the unit. Then multiplier/modifier effect can be applied to the base stats to alter them. This effects can be applied via a standard unit attack, ability, perk, or in fact most of the in game interaction. All this allow for much more flexibility in customising the gameplay.

Other new features include, more setting for gameplay setup, better workflow for grid editing, better AI, better UI and little details that I can't remember on top of my head. Overall, I'm very glad with how this turns out.

TBTK3 now available on AssetStore.

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